Our Story

After years spent living throughout the Pacific islands we finally found home when we fell in love with the beautiful island of Hawai’i. On the slopes of Hualalai you will find an ideal climate and a quiet and serene way of life. Beautiful vegetation abounds and it is all seen against the striking blue backdrop of the Pacific ocean. It is here in the charming village of Holualoa that we chose to grow our coffee.

In 2010 we planted five hundred coffee trees and our journey began. After meticulously caring for the trees we were delighted to offer our product to market in 2013. Since then our trees have increased in size and yield. Our processing techniques have been refined and become more efficient. Our product has become better with every harvest.

The process of growing and harvesting coffee is labor intensive and we plan to keep it that way. We process by hand so that we can ensure the quality of our product is always the highest. We hand select each bean and discard the beans that do not meet our strict standards for quality. To us, the extra effort is worth it. Elaine’s Best Kona Coffee is the very best product we can produce.

Known for its rich, full-bodied flavor, our coffee has flowery top notes and a flavor that compares to none. You will enjoy it before you have even had the first sip as the chocolatey aroma will delight you from the moment it begins to brew.

Thank you for your interest in our specialty coffee, we hope you love it!