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Kona is a district on the west side of the island of Hawai'i. Only coffee grown in the small Kona district on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes can be labeled 100% Kona Coffee. Here the unique quality of the rich, rocky soil and warm, temperate climate help create the ideal growing conditions which have given 100% Kona Coffee worldwide recognition.

Kona coffee is esteemed as some of the best coffee in the world. Poised on the volcanically rich slopes of Hualalai in the Kona region of the island of Hawai'i is the tiny village of Holualoa, population 6000. Known for its galleries and artist boutiques this quaint town is also famed for producing the very best coffee in the region. At the ideal elevation, plentiful annual rainfall and with an average high temperature of about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, coffees grown in this area are consistently ranked the highest in flavor and acidity of all Kona coffees.

It is in the center of this elite growing region where you will find Elaine's coffee estate. Here, we grow the very best Kona coffee that you will ever taste.

Proud to Be Small

We offer only one grade of coffee, premium. Being a small grower allows us to maintain the highest quality and oversight of our product. We stay small so we can grow the very best beans and you can enjoy the very best cup of coffee.

Hand Grown

Each tree is lovingly hand tended by Elaine, herself. The idyllic climate and plentiful rainfall means happy plants which produce the very best beans.

Hand Picked

Only the very best beans are selected for harvest at the perfect time. By hand harvesting, each cherry can be selected for ripeness and quality. This hand process results in more labor to enable tree ripening of each bean, but results in a much higher quality product.

Sun Dried

After pulping, our beans are spread out to dry in the warm Hawai’i sunshine with a gorgeous view of the pacific ocean.

Hand Sorted

Sorting is perhaps the most labor intensive part of the process. While machine sorting is available, it is not precise, leaving lower quality beans in the batch. By hand sorting we are able to grade all of our beans to ensure that only the very best beans are used in Elaine’s Best coffee.

Roasted in Small Batches

We roast our coffee in small batches as they are harvested to ensure the freshest and most flavorful coffee available.